What are the chance of generating Gold through Account Recovery in SmallWorlds?

  When you use your account password in SmallWorlds, it can be a simple recovery process. You can go to the main website and reset the password for your accounts and passwords. However, what happens if your accounts get hacked?

There is a good chance all the gold will be withdrawn. Even with the account recovery, you can find your account empty of tokens. This is a disaster that can only be remedied by using the gold generator hack in 2017. With many versions of the cheat utility out there, it is important to ask for opinions of other esteemed SmallWorlds players. Verify the veracity of the hack and fire them up to be used for your own good.

It is recommended not to share such tools because once players discover them, it will easily be overused. Then everyone will have too much free gold, which is not desirable in off-world missions. VIP generation is possible but only very select few tools have them enabled.

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