Weather Predictions for Winter 2014 for the US


Wondering what the winter forecast for the US this year is?

Well, quite a number of weather-forecasting organizations have already made their outlook for winter of 2015 to 2015 public.

For example, the Weather Company has said that this year’s winter is not as harsh as the one experienced last year. The entity has also said that the chill is likely to be experienced in the Gulf and East coast.

Why does the Weather Company expect this year’s winter to be less chilly compared to last year? This is because the weather forecasters are expecting El Nino to take place sometime during the winter months that could potentially last up until spring season.

The El Nino phenomena bring about warmer weather, but it yet has to develop in the next few months.

But the presence of El Nino may not guarantee a warmer temperature all throughout during the winter season given that the El Nino is affected by other developments in the atmosphere. For example, the expected jet stream over the northern part of America can bring about cold air masses in different parts of the country.

Forecast per month

The weather forecaster organization has provided an overview of the kind weather to be expected for the next three months—from November to January.

November— Areas in New Mexico to Michigan and to Georgia may experience slightly cooler temperature than normal. The rest of the country is likely to experience warmer weather particularly in the coasts found in the western section as well as in Montana, Nevada and Idaho.

December—New Mexico, Colorado and the Plains states like Texas and Nebraska and the lower area of the Mississippi river valley are likely to experience slightly cooler weather than the usual. It will be warm for the rest of the country particularly in southern Nevada, California and the East coast.

January— Texas to Wisconsin will experience some cooler than normal weather. The rest of the country will experience warmer weather particularly in the northern Rockies, Northwest and northern areas of Nevada, Utah and California.

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