New Popularity of Mobile Games Like Crossy Road

After so long, finally, a new game has beaten Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga in the UK Charts. When Clash of Clans was launched, the competition was not so tight because players all over the world enjoyed the game. Being able to strategize on how to build a village, control troops, and fight with other gamers was an instant hit.

Candy Crush Saga, on the other hand, was a well-loved game as well not only for its cute interface but also for the puzzles it produces which are indeed enjoyed by the young and old alike, whether in Android as well as iOS. Crossy Road Secrets is one site that assists the games by providing Crossy Road hack tool for coins in 2016.

But with the dawn of Crossy Road in mobile gaming, the attention of players all over the world were shifted. The game now has 70 million downloads. What’s interesting is that the revenue they generate is not even close to what Clash of Clans or Candy Crush Saga are making. Developers of the game are firm that with the different kind of experience they are offering, they would emerge victorious. They don’t earn much from making people pay by unlocking new game content. Most of the purchases their players do are only for definitive stuff such as new characters.

If you are curious where they hype to play the game is, it could be based on the fact that the game is constantly changing. Players are challenged to get the new characters that the developers release from time to time. Some of them are free to download while the others could be gotten with extra effort. These are oftentimes the mystery characters. With these characters, you are now ready to cross the road as the title of the game implies. As you switch characters, the difficulty of the game also changes.

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