International Weather Satellite Viewers Online

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Information is now widely free for our consumption. Everything can be basically accessed through the internet from historical archives, news, current affairs, educational materials, and the like. Did you know that you could even have information about the weather right at your fingertips? Here are some online international weather satellite viewers that are free to use.


This website makes use of images provided by NASA. View satellite snapshots that are frequently updated and see weather trends around the world. Spot right on where storms are already existing or where weather disturbances are likely to occur. You may also be able to view weather forecast maps to monitor high and low temperatures, precipitation, winds, and UV index.


As offered by The Weather Channel, you may be able to gain access to weather satellite images that are also frequently updated. A nice feature to this viewer is you may be able to filter your view of the weather map according to: the outdoor activities you are planning to do (skiing, lawn and garden, golf), the health and safety hazards likely to happen (cold, flu, severe weather), and general weather details (radar, week-long forecast, and weather among regions of the world). You may also choose which weather details map you want to view.

The ones in the list are: Doppler radar, extended forecasts, Hawaii, Satellite-US, Satellite-World, Severe Alerts – US, Severe Alerts – Regional, Short Term Forecast, Weekly Planner, US Regions – Current, Forecasts, Central, East Central, Midwest, North Central, Northeast, Northwest, South Central, Southeast, West, West Central, World – Africa and Middle East, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, North America, Pacific, Polar, and South America. Meanwhile, you may also choose from a wide range of satellites available: Afghanistan, Africa, Argentina, Asia, Atlantic Ocean, Australia, Brazil, Northwest Brazil, Northeast Brazil, South Brazil, Canada, Caribbean, Central America, Asia Central, East Asia, Europe-Africa, Europe, France, Northern Europe, Gulf of Mexico, Indian Ocean, Italy, Japan, Central Mexico, Mexico, Middle East, North Pole, Pacific Global, Pacific Ocean, Russia, Scandinavia, South America, South Pole, Tropical Atlantic, UK, Venezuela, Pacific Ocean, and Western Hemisphere.


NASA’s very own interactive global geostationary weather satellite images allows you to view weather satellite image maps of CONUS, North Hemisphere, Carribean and West Atlantic Hurricane Region, Full Disk, and Pacific Ocean. You may opt to view from the different sensors available such as 1 km visible, infrared, and water vapor. This too is frequently updated.


Brought to you by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), this website allows you to check the weather in three options: North Polar Stereographic, Mercator, and South Polar Stereograpic. North Polar is divided into ICAO Area H, I, and G. Mercator is divided into ICAO Area A, B1, C, D, E, F, and M. South Polar is divided into ICAO Area J and K. These areas correspond to certain places or continents. You have choices whether to view the images in black and white or colored and you may choose if you want to view it as a still image or images on loops which would require you to have a certain java plug-in installed.

With all of these websites openly available, keeping track of the weather has never been this easy.