Getting a good team together in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

This game from a galaxy far far away has a very solid battle system that gamers are sure to love. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes provides a diverse hero combination system, also known as Synergies, to help a player build their team in their quest for greatness.

So what do you need to know when building a team?

First, you should have a brief knowledge of the different character classes in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.


The attackers are basically your damage dealers. They are the characters that are built to do the most amount of damage as compared to any other class. The only problem is that these classes lack the survivability if your party solely comprises of them.


As the name suggests, these are your beefy, HP-fortified characters that are suited to the front lines in battle. Tanks are the ones who take all the damage in a fight. While some tanks are just tough, other tanks have the ability to direct all damage to them and some even have the ability to debuff enemy troops.


The Support class contains the buffers and the healers. Most players tend to have at least 2 healers on their team to support and neglect any damage. What they lack from offense and health, they make up for their usefulness.

Aside from the character classes, we also have character factions and races.


Jawas – These cute hooded characters have been famous all around Star Wars history for their annoying antics on Tatooine. Nothing much is known from these critters, only thing we do know is there are only 2 of them in-game

Ewoks – Teddy bears. *ehem*. There are only 3 Ewok characters in-game and each are assigned to the 3 different classes.

Droids – These are not the…sorry… Yes, these are the ones you are looking for if you plan to create a Dark Side army (except for Lobot, who is technically a human from the Light Side). The droids are very versatile and have many uses in the battlefield.

Geonosians – One of the 2 cards in this race is highly popular amongst SWGOH players (Poggle The Lesser) for his synergy with the prior race in the list.

Nightsister – These blue skinned maidens are versatile fighters that are formidable on any side of the battle.

Tusken – While not really popular, one of the most mispronounced character names is in this race. I mean, how the hell do you pronounce URoRRuR’R’R? Right?

Humans – Their your brothers and sisters like you and me


Dark Side – All that gain power from the dark side of the force

Light Side – Light-attuned warriors who seek balance in the force

First Order – Dark Side faction in Star Wars the Force Awakens

Rebel – Warriors who fight against the Empire

Empire – Darth Vader’s troops

Clone – Clonetroopers and other Clones

Resistance – Light Side faction in Star Wars the Force Awakens

Jedi – Living beings that are in balance with the force

Sith – Primary enemy of the Jedi

Synergy is the main point of consideration when building a team, it’s also wise to consider their factions to see if your other party members have skills that could affect them (e.g. Qui Gon Jinn speed increase only affects Jedi, Poggle gains evasion for every Droid unit, etc.) To maximize the team and upgrades they require to success, it is advisable to use the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes shards hack tool that was just made available in 2016.

These are just a small list of all the roles each character may have. You might want to check out the list if you want to build up characters in your team. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is available on iOS and Android for free.

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