Essential Emergency Weather Radios Available on Amazon for Everyday Use

It is important to have a weather radio no matter where a person lives. People who live in areas that are prone to severe weather are supposed to have weather radios. Severe weather are; tornados, flooding, thunderstorms, and hurricanes. Life can be saved with the availability of a weather radio.

A weather radio is also referred to as a NOAA weather radio(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).Weather alerts are transmitted by a government organization run in the US, and these alerts are transmitted to weather radios to warn on impending bad weather.

While looking for a weather radio to purchase buyer will come across the acronym S.A.M.E. The acronym means Specific Area Message Encoding. S.A.M.E is a technology that enables the weather radio to be specific on the weather conditions of a specific county .A user of the weather radio is able to select specific locations and get ahead of the weather conditions of that county.

There are various models of weather radios, and these vary from tabletops to portables. The following are top emergency weather radios available on Amazon.

1.The Midland WR 300 Weather Radio

The radio is able to receive all-weather channels from NOAA, has S.A.M.E technology, a clock and alarm with an AM/FM radio. The radio has a system that has 30 counties that can be selected. It has 1 year warranty that is limited and has the ability to remove and add alerts.

2.The Midland WR -120-EZ weather radio

It uses SAME technology and has the ability to give an alert when counties specified are threatened. The radio has the ability receive 7 NOAA channels that cover floods, thunderstorms and other forms of warnings.

3 .The Midland HH50 pocket weather radio

This radio is portable and can be carried around with ease. It has the ability to receive NOAA broadcast all around the clock .Its alert system is automatic and can turn on during weathers that are dangerous or any emergencies. It is water resistant and has powerful antenna that enables crystal clear reception.

4. Other weather radios that top the list of emergency weather radios available on amazon and have unique features are; Midland HH54VP2 Portable Emergency Weather radio, Radio Shack Hazard Alert Weather Radio, Sangean CL-100 Table Top Weather Radio, and Reecom R-1630 Weather Alert Radio.

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