Child Rearing in Virtual Families 2 Is Special

Bringing a child into the world of Virtual Families 2 is a special event. After the Roll The Dice Events and getting that money, it is possible to have rare children. It is not yet known what these babies are for, besides having some cool abilities and looks. 

Getting that second generation off and rolling is a challenge because how much progress you need to make before it happens. However, winning scratch off lottery ticket can sometimes be a good way to accomplish that. Secret admirers will line up outside your door once you win the lottery because you will have lots of Virtual Families money by then.
This can seriously raise the happiness of your families but it can also lead to downfall. Make sure to keep your families home designed properly to trigger random events. Avoid anything that can turn a person weak or have pink eye. Perfect match is only a step away in Virtual Families 2.

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