What are the chance of generating Gold through Account Recovery in SmallWorlds?

  When you use your account password in SmallWorlds, it can be a simple recovery process. You can go to the main website and reset the password for your accounts and passwords. However, what happens if your accounts get hacked?

There is a good chance all the gold will be withdrawn. Even with the account recovery, you can find your account empty of tokens. This is a disaster that can only be remedied by using the gold generator hack in 2017. With many versions of the cheat utility out there, it is important to ask for opinions of other esteemed SmallWorlds players. Verify the veracity of the hack and fire them up to be used for your own good.

It is recommended not to share such tools because once players discover them, it will easily be overused. Then everyone will have too much free gold, which is not desirable in off-world missions. VIP generation is possible but only very select few tools have them enabled.

Child Rearing in Virtual Families 2 Is Special

Bringing a child into the world of Virtual Families 2 is a special event. After the Roll The Dice Events and getting that money, it is possible to have rare children. It is not yet known what these babies are for, besides having some cool abilities and looks. 

Getting that second generation off and rolling is a challenge because how much progress you need to make before it happens. However, winning scratch off lottery ticket can sometimes be a good way to accomplish that. Secret admirers will line up outside your door once you win the lottery because you will have lots of Virtual Families money by then.
This can seriously raise the happiness of your families but it can also lead to downfall. Make sure to keep your families home designed properly to trigger random events. Avoid anything that can turn a person weak or have pink eye. Perfect match is only a step away in Virtual Families 2.

Essential Emergency Weather Radios Available on Amazon for Everyday Use

It is important to have a weather radio no matter where a person lives. People who live in areas that are prone to severe weather are supposed to have weather radios. Severe weather are; tornados, flooding, thunderstorms, and hurricanes. Life can be saved with the availability of a weather radio.

A weather radio is also referred to as a NOAA weather radio(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).Weather alerts are transmitted by a government organization run in the US, and these alerts are transmitted to weather radios to warn on impending bad weather.

While looking for a weather radio to purchase buyer will come across the acronym S.A.M.E. The acronym means Specific Area Message Encoding. S.A.M.E is a technology that enables the weather radio to be specific on the weather conditions of a specific county .A user of the weather radio is able to select specific locations and get ahead of the weather conditions of that county.

There are various models of weather radios, and these vary from tabletops to portables. The following are top emergency weather radios available on Amazon.

1.The Midland WR 300 Weather Radio

The radio is able to receive all-weather channels from NOAA, has S.A.M.E technology, a clock and alarm with an AM/FM radio. The radio has a system that has 30 counties that can be selected. It has 1 year warranty that is limited and has the ability to remove and add alerts.

2.The Midland WR -120-EZ weather radio

It uses SAME technology and has the ability to give an alert when counties specified are threatened. The radio has the ability receive 7 NOAA channels that cover floods, thunderstorms and other forms of warnings.

3 .The Midland HH50 pocket weather radio

This radio is portable and can be carried around with ease. It has the ability to receive NOAA broadcast all around the clock .Its alert system is automatic and can turn on during weathers that are dangerous or any emergencies. It is water resistant and has powerful antenna that enables crystal clear reception.

4. Other weather radios that top the list of emergency weather radios available on amazon and have unique features are; Midland HH54VP2 Portable Emergency Weather radio, Radio Shack Hazard Alert Weather Radio, Sangean CL-100 Table Top Weather Radio, and Reecom R-1630 Weather Alert Radio.

Stuck in Bad Weather? Try Madden NFL Mobile To Pass The Time

madden-mobile-worth-playingAh, Madden. It’s refreshing to see such a successful, well-known game franchise come out on mobile platforms. As much as I like mobile gaming, nobody makes games better than console developers. In fact, it seems as if EA and EA Sports (the people behind Madden and many other console/PC games) have been one of the big bread winners in the mobile game industry. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Game Highlights

– This game really stays true to the series. While some platform ports (mobile or otherwise) have been a bit of a letdown in the past, I think any Madden fan will enjoy this one.

– Awesome controls. As far as switching a console(ish) game to touchscreen goes, these guys really came down with some of the best controls I’ve seen on mobile thus far.

– It’s free. Not only is it free, in-app purchases really aren’t’ mandatory to enjoy the experience. In fact, I haven’t blown a single cent on this game by using Madden NFL Mobile money hack and I still love it.

– The compatibility is great. According to their official AppStore page, the game is compatible with the iPod touch. Practically anyone can play this game.

madden-nfl-mobile-app-game-iconMy Thoughts?

Try it. It’s free so it can’t hurt. But I’ll tell you right now; if you didn’t like other madden NFL games, you won’t like this one. They did a great job of appealing to their hardcore fans and that can either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on whether or not you fall into that category.

Anyways, for the fans. While I don’t recommend selling all of your football games, I might be so bold as to say that the great game mechanics coupled with the convenience of the mobile experience may very well draw you away from your T.V. for a very long time.

New Popularity of Mobile Games Like Crossy Road

After so long, finally, a new game has beaten Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga in the UK Charts. When Clash of Clans was launched, the competition was not so tight because players all over the world enjoyed the game. Being able to strategize on how to build a village, control troops, and fight with other gamers was an instant hit.

Candy Crush Saga, on the other hand, was a well-loved game as well not only for its cute interface but also for the puzzles it produces which are indeed enjoyed by the young and old alike, whether in Android as well as iOS. Crossy Road Secrets is one site that assists the games by providing Crossy Road hack tool for coins in 2016.

But with the dawn of Crossy Road in mobile gaming, the attention of players all over the world were shifted. The game now has 70 million downloads. What’s interesting is that the revenue they generate is not even close to what Clash of Clans or Candy Crush Saga are making. Developers of the game are firm that with the different kind of experience they are offering, they would emerge victorious. They don’t earn much from making people pay by unlocking new game content. Most of the purchases their players do are only for definitive stuff such as new characters.

If you are curious where they hype to play the game is, it could be based on the fact that the game is constantly changing. Players are challenged to get the new characters that the developers release from time to time. Some of them are free to download while the others could be gotten with extra effort. These are oftentimes the mystery characters. With these characters, you are now ready to cross the road as the title of the game implies. As you switch characters, the difficulty of the game also changes.

World Chef Game App Tips for Getting Started


World Chef is a fun mobile game available on Android and iOS that puts you in the shoes of being a beginner chef, working your way from the bottom to the top. If you have played resource management simulation games like The Sims and Rollercoaster Tycoon, then you have a good idea on how this game works. You will be busy slicing and dicing those ingredients and come up with new recipes to impress your patrons.

Besides being the chef vying to become a World Class Chef, you will also have to keep track of all mundane details of being a chef in a restaurant. You will need to shop and keep inventory of all ingredients and recipes in your restaurant. You are also responsible for coming up with menu and decorating your restaurant, even renovating it when you have enough gold (currency in game) to do so.

World Chef is a freemium game, meaning it is free to download and play but you will need to pay real world money for its own virtual premium resources, which are gold and gems. Getting more money in this game is all about getting your restaurant to become the hot spot of the town. Gold can be hard to come by, so can gems. Gems are often used to obtain luxurious and high-end decorations. There are hack tools for World Chef out there that claims to let users generate gems and gold. We cannot vouch for their authenticity but sites like WorldChefHelp.com seems to be a popular tool that are often mentioned around in forums.

When you are just starting out as a beginner in World Chef, you will be trained and mentored by the head chef. By ‘asking’ for help from the head chef, you will gain some valuable tips on what tasks to prioritize and how to proceed to the next level. Of course, one day your ambition is to take over his spot but the head chef will certainly show you the ropes of the game especially if you are a newbie.